15 Mostly-True Urban Legends

9. Ghost Calls

Communicating with the dead has been a staple of campfire stories for centuries. The Ouija board dates back to the 1800s. Tales of talking with ghosts stretch back to the advent of the telegraph. Today, ghost texts and supernatural cell phone calls aren’t unheard of.




But are these stories just told to reinforce our yearning for life beyond death? Perhaps. But, there are plenty of unsolved mysteries behind ghost calls.

Consider this number:

On September 12, 2008, a train was traveling at 83 mph through Chatsworth, Calif. It collided with a freight train killing 25 people. Among the dead was Charles E. Peck, who died on impact.

In the 11 hours after the crash, however, Peck’s cell phone made 35 calls to his loved ones. His fiancé, brother, and sister all got them.

But on the other side, recipients only heard static. When they called back, their calls went to voicemail. Search teams traced the cell phone’s signal back to the wreckage area where they found Peck’s body.

His cell phone was never found.


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