15 Mostly-True Urban Legends

7. The Legend of the Pishtacos

For hundreds of years, people throughout South America have scared the crap out of kids with stories about the Pishtacos (Pronounced kind-of like “fish tacos”). These vampires are believed to stalk victims on dark, lonely roads before attacking them and draining their fat.

They were even featured on an episode of “Supernatural.”




But in November 2009, they seemed all too real for the people of Peru.

Police had just arrested six members of a gang that claimed to lure people into a makeshift lab in the Huánuco jungle, before dismembering them and using votive candles to render fat from the bodies’ abdomens.

Police found ribs, thigh bones, and the severed head of a missing man buried around the compound.

They also found a soda bottle filled with human fat.

According to lead prosecutor Jorge Sanz Quiroz, the gang members told police they sold the grease to local shamans, who used the fat to make candles for satanic rituals.

Gen. Félix Murga, former director of Peru’s criminal investigation unit, initially said the thugs sold the fat for thousands of dollars to representatives in the cosmetic industry.



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