15 Facts You Probably Missed About Donald Trump

13 – His Hair Is a Family DIY Project

When the tycoon-turned-TV-star decided to turn into a politician, he spent an entire press conference proving that his hair is 100% real. He pulled it, told his press adviser to do the same on camera and even asked a woman in the audience to touch the mysterious golden flocks. After that was established, a reporter asked who styles his hair, to which the Donald had a 20-minute reply.



Each of his three wives were Trump’s personal hairdressers. When asked about how she cuts it, Donald replied “She isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. She doesn’t want to mess with ‘the hair.’” To keep it in place, the billionaire used a $16 hair-spray called Helmet Hair. According to him, the ‘key’ is to let it dry naturally.

“I wait while the hair dries slowly. It takes about an hour. I don’t use the blow dryer. Once it’s dry I comb it. Once I have it the way I like it — even though nobody else likes it — I spray it and it’s good for the day.”




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