15 Facts You Probably Missed About Donald Trump

3 – He Made Over 20 Different Consumer Products Branded With His Name

As if putting his name on every building he owns (and some that he doesn’t) wasn’t enough, Donald branded as many products with his surname as he possibly could. The airplanes, ‘high fashion’ collections, 22 published books and now-infamous Trump Universities are the obvious ones. But, if all of his products were still available, the billionaire would literally be able to eat, drink, wear, drive and live Trump.



Trump Vodka and Trump: The Game don’t seem like long-shots when you consider the Donald’s other ventures. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Trump Home Decor
  • Trump Magazine
  • Trump Steaks
  • Trump Ice Water
  • GoTrump.com (Flight booking website)
  • Trump Fragrance
via wikipedia.org and tumblr.com

via wikipedia.org and tumblr.com


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