15 Facts You Probably Missed About Donald Trump

11 – He Made 2 Table Games & a Video Game (Now Available On Mobile)

‘Donald Trump’s Real Estate Tycoon’ lets any mere mortal step into the businessman’s shoes. The single-player business simulator was first released in 2002. Like most low-budget games by Airborne, it was only compatible with Windows PCs. But, shortly after Trump announced his candidacy, a mobile version became available. Just like everything with his name on it, the game has been selling like hotcakes ever since he became the Republican front-runner.


Trump was the subject of game-night before the digital age ever began. ‘Trump: The gameplay is much like monopoly. Players take turns rolling dice to buy properties, pass “GO” and flip cards. But, instead of teaching skills such as math, money management and logic, “Trump:The Game” teaches kids (13+) to bluff, negotiate and blackmail in order to make the best deal.

Another version came out in 2004, though, ironically, both summed up to a financial loss for Donald.




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