17 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need Answers

14. Strange stone marker in Massachusetts

There is an unspectacular tiny island in Middlesex Fells Reservation, Massachusetts. A couple of centuries ago a mysterious marker was discovered. It is still a complete mystery as to what the text on it means. It reads, “WHERE SHUTE FELL” and no one knows what it is referring to. In 1889, some researchers concluded that Shute was a drunk who kept tumbling off the cliff and became known for it.


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There are some other theories such as put forward by Boston Daily Globe; it says that Shute was a wrestler and feared by his opponents, he was probably rarely defeated nearby. In 1915, the Medical Historical Register said that Shute was colonel who died while fighting a duel. To this day, no one even knows if Shute is a person or the stone marker is referring to something else.


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