17 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need Answers

13. The fate of Zach Ramsay

In 1996, a young boy Zach Ramsay disappeared on his way to school in Great Falls, Montana. After his disappearance police was interested in Nathaniel Bar-Jonah on account of multiple child disappearances. Nathaniel looked like a strong candidate but due to lack of evidence, police couldn’t get a warrant in time and the case halted.


PHOTO: Kimono/Pixabay

Luckily, Nathaniel was arrested impersonating a cop. Quickly the law enforcement went to search his house. They found a meat grinder with some human meat and bones lying nearby. Nathaniel’s neighbors said that he would often host barbecues saying it was deer meet. But he had no rifle and no hunting permit. However, the human remains found didn’t match Zach Ramsay’s and his fate is still unknown today.


PHOTO: True Crimes XL

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