17 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need Answers

2. Hayat Boumeddiene: The mysterious wife of one of the Paris bombers

Hayat Boumeddiene is said to be married to one of the Paris attackers Amedy Coulibaly. We have heard many rumors and stories about her involvement in the Paris attacks, but we don’t know which one (or if any) is true. She is currently France’s most wanted and the world’s one of the most wanted women.



Despite the “glorious” terrorist profile, we know so little about Hayat. Her whereabouts are unknown. But her extent of involvement in her husbands’ terroristic affairs is also unknown. Many people believe that she fled from France to Turkey and then ultimately to Syria.

Numerous ISIS and Islamist propaganda magazines have claimed to interview her but none of those claims have been verified and are likely false. The woman is like a ghost.


PHOTO: Breaking911

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