15 Weird Jobs Technology Has Eliminated

The world was a very strange place 100 years ago. What is thought as common place today was unthinkable a century or even 50 years ago. There was no technology like today but if you for a moment thought that our ancestors lacked creativity and didn’t find solutions to get-by – you are wrong.


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People found exceptional ways to deal with the challenges they faced in the past before evolution of internet and technology. With advancements in technology, these jobs have become extinct.

Let’s take a ride to the past and look at some of the weirdest jobs that existed back in the time – fair warning, some of them are quite unbelievable.

15. Human Alarm Clock

When you have to get up early in the morning, you just have to tap a button on your smartphone and you are set for the entire week even a year. The alarm clock will ring at same time on every week day. It’s easy but an important feature of your life.


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Rewind to 19th century and there was no such thing as alarm clocks or smartphones. So what did our ancestors do? They made this disadvantage into an advantage. The job title was commonly called “knocker-uppers” (yes we know it means something completely different today!), these people were essentially human alarm clocks.

They used to knock on doors to wake their clients up and when they couldn’t reach, they employed sticks and pebbles.


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