31 Strange Sports That Actually Exist

24. Redneck Skeet

Redneck skeet is a game that is fun to watch and play, especially for gun enthusiasts. In this sport, a pair competes with other players to shoot as many beer cans as they can. The interesting part of this game is that beer cans are launched from slingshots. Shooting beer cans this way makes it difficult even without the beer goggles.

Via youtube.com

Via youtube.com

25. Toe Wrestling

While toe wrestling may not sound that peculiar, given that it’s long been the kind of game children play in summer afternoons, it is that there once was a proposal to include it in the Olympics that makes it strange. Needless to say, the proposal was rejected, and it may be the kind of sport to never make it to the Olympics in this lifetime.


Via telegraph.co.uk

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