31 Strange Sports That Actually Exist

6. Dwarf Throwing

Dwarf throwing, also known as midget tossing, originated in the northern part of Australia. It entailed securing a midget person into a harness and catapulting him/her to the soft landing surface. The winner was determined by the farthest distance reached. This sport was discontinued as it was viewed by some people as humiliating to midgets.


7. Chicken Fight

Okay, this is not that chicken fight where chickens are pitted against one another. Rather, it is a game played by 2 or more pairs of players where 1 person rides atop the other and takes down his/her opponents. This is usually played in water although variations of the game have sprouted in places such as Japan where it is played on grass.

Via imschaeffer.wordpress.com

Via imschaeffer.wordpress.com

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