31 Strange Sports That Actually Exist

4. Beer Can Regatta

Another sport for beer lovers, beer can regatta originated in Darwin, Australia, a place that is known for its massive consumption of beer each year. To celebrate – or probably make amends for – their love of beer, locals came up with the Beer Can Regatta, a venue for recycling empty beer cans. Participants use beer cans to build their boats which they paddle as they complete the race course.


5. Beer Sculling

Seriously, just how many sports involving beer can man invent? Beer sculling, or more popularly known as beer chugging, requires participants to down a can/glass/bottle/pitcher of beer either as an individual or a team. One famous beer sculling record holder is former Australian Prime Minister Robert Hawke who chugged 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds when he was a college student in 1955.


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