Weirdest Government Bans from Around the World

16. French Fries

This next one would send shivers down the spine of any freedom-loving American.

In 2011, France banned ketchup from high school and college cafeterias. French officials worried that students were tapping the bottle way too much and desecrating authentic French cuisine with the red menace.

Photo edit by Javier Simon

Photo edit by Javier Simon


To avoid riots and the onset of World War III, however, regulators allow small portions of ketchup to be served with – you guessed it – French Fries. Still, French Fries can only be served one a week. Students can’t even bring their own lunches to school. So, one can assume there’s an underground ketchup-smuggling ring in France’s school system.

The ban is part of a larger effort to cut down on fatty foods. Four out of five dishes must come with vegetables, and cafeterias must keep records of what is served for the food czars to inspect.

ketchup bottle

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