Weirdest Government Bans from Around the World

7. Claire Danes

While shooting “Brokedown Palace” in the slums of Manila in 1998, actress Claire Danes made some less-than favorable comments about the Philippines’ capital. Danes told reporters the city was rat-infested, ghastly, and “fuc*ing smelled like cockroaches.”

So, the city council decided to ban her and prevent theaters there from playing her movies.

Photo from Google

Photo from Google


The council proposed to lift the ban after she apologized, but it didn’t buy her apology. The ban remains today.

It’s not the only time Manila has retaliated against celebrities. In 2012, a congress member called for banning Justin Bieber after he posted Instagram photos ridiculing boxer and congressman Manny Pacquiao. In 1966, locals attacked the Beatles after they missed an appointment with the first lady.

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