Weirdest Government Bans from Around the World

5. Emo Culture

Shortly before Russia went to war with Georgia in 2008, the Kremlin found yet another enemy: Emo kids.

Armed with eye liner and studded belts, these black-clad teenagers were plotting something in their Hot Topic bases throughout the West. But when emo fever came to Moscow, the government decided to take action.

Photo from Google

Photo from Google


So, officials proposed legislation to end these “dangerous teen trends.” They also warned that emo music’s “negative ideology” could lead to depression and even suicide.

Emo music emerged in Washington, D.C., during the mid ‘80s as an “emotional” take on punk rock. It resurged in the ‘00s with hit bands like My Chemical Romance. Ironically, legislatures grouped emo kids with their moshpit predator – the skin head.

Fortunately for emo kids, the law was never passed. Luckily for the government, they didn’t have to wait until 2020 to wipe out emo culture. It went away on its own. Emo kids of yesteryear have probably traded their Taking Back Sunday T-shirts for suits.

Next target, the hipster?


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