Self Driving Cars & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Uber + Volvo

Thousands of autonomous vehicles ferrying customers to their destinations without a human operator. Photo: Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters

Uber recently made a deal that could change the way we see the road. With an order of 24,000 cars from Volvo, we’re set to see thousands of autonomous cars on the road. Most of the autonomous cars we’re seeing on the roads today currently have a human operator. One thing that we know for certain is that these new cars will not. Though Uber is refining its self-driving technology, company officials said they expect the first ¬≠robotically driven taxis to appear as early as 2019.

In the end, the advancement in these cars will depend on the cooperation of ¬≠municipal policymakers. They’ve been fighting with ride-hailing companies like Uber for years.

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