19 Mysterious Photos And Why They Can Never Be Explained

3. JFK Assassination & Secret Agent Babushka

When it comes to unsolved mysteries, you’d be hard pressed to find one more famous than the assassination of John F. Kennedy’s. Yet, most people haven’t heard about the FBI’s most intriguing suspects. ‘Babushka’ (Russian for “old lady”) – a middle-aged woman, dressed in traditional Soviet clothing – had a front row seat to the shooting, filmed it and then disappeared, never to be heard from again.



Babushka Lady first became a person of interest to the FBI because she had footage of the shooting from a unique angle. Later, declassified footage revealed that she was within 10 feet of JFK when it happened.

Everyone except her was subjected to background checks, audits and interrogations by the FBI. Meanwhile, authorities we never able to identify Babushka Lady or recover the film.

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