19 Mysterious Photos And Why They Can Never Be Explained

2. Time-Travelling Hipster

The red circle depicts a man sporting a portable camera, wrap-around sunglasses, a T-shirt and a hoodie. All that would be fine if the photo wasn’t taken in 1941…
Aside from the fact that his outfit is nothing like what people wore in the 1940’s (or 50’s for that matter,) wrap-around sunglasses weren’t even invented yet. And, compared to an average camera from that period – like the one circled in blue – his is way too slim.



Is he a time traveller who forgot to change out of his 90’s outfit? Probably not. But is he any more likely to be a visionary inventor with a knack for fashion design, who we’ve never heard of?

This photo was taken in 1941, by journalists who came to witness the opening the South Forks Bridge in the city of Gold Bridge, Canada.

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