19 Mysterious Photos And Why They Can Never Be Explained

14. Baby Ghost

Believe it or not, it the early 1900’s, it was a normal practice to keep tombstone photos from loved ones’ graves inside the house. However, this picture a mother took of her daughter’s grave is anything BUT normal. The toddler figure is clearly transparent and it wasn’t there when the picture was taken.
In 1990, a paranormal TV show investigated the story. They just so happened to have found two infant graves within yards of the tombstone.



15. The Unlikely Survivor

Taken during the most terrifying day in modern American history, this photo has been the subject of meticulous debate ever since September 11, 2001. The woman depicted among debris of the second World Trade Center tower didn’t just witness the worst of the carnage up-close, she also lived to tell the tale. How she managed to get out alive is anyone’s guess – though she was identified, the woman still refuses to talk about that horrific day.

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