19 Mysterious Photos And Why They Can Never Be Explained

12. Hanging Body

After their first family dinner at their new home, the Coopers gathered around the table for a family photo. No one is exactly sure what happened next, but they definitely didn’t need a picture to remember that night. Maybe a body fell through the ceiling right when they were saying “cheese;” maybe this was meant to be a prank photo; or maybe the Coopers were actually a bunch of murderous psychopaths with hoarding issues. Either way, we’re pretty sure this is the creepiest group pic in their family photo album.

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13. Man-Eating Cave Monster

British or not, get ready to say “what the (actual) devil?”
This photo was snapped by two tourists wandering around in the Ras el Khaimah caves. After getting a glimpse of what you see below (when the camera’s flash went off) they did what most of us would do – ran for their life, screaming on the top of their lungs. The tourists reported what they saw to the authorities who were sceptical at first, but not so much after they found a mutilated human body inside the same cave…



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