17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Shakespeare

12. Shakespeare invented new words in English language

Shakespeare’s writing style was so unique and his ideas so vast that English language in its current state won’t do. He had to invent new words to the English language. Many historians call him “Wordsmith”. He also had a desire to enhance and improve English language but his primary goal was to make his plays better.



Shakespeare invented more than 2,000 words. His most “famous inventions” include some of the most common words we know today. These include: ‘assassination’, ‘amazement’, ‘moonbeam’, ‘negotiate’ even the word ‘bedroom’ was invented by Shakespeare. Old English as it is called today, was very different from the English we know. Look at an excerpt from Chaucer’s Wife of Bath’s Prologue:

To chirche was myn housbonde born a morwe

With neighebores, that for hym maden sorwe,

And Jankyn, oure clerk, was oon of tho.

As help me God, whan that I saugh hym go

After the beere, me thoughte he hadde a paire

Of legges and of feet so clene and faire


PHOTO: Nawasaka / Tumblr

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