17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Shakespeare

3. Shakespeare was not pro-establishment

Considering that he wrote for the Queen and King of England, most of his work was about monarchs, one might think that Shakespeare must have had a soft spot for the kingly establishment. That’s not the case – far from it in fact. Shakespeare may have written to entertain rich and affluent people, but he spent most of his time amongst “common” people rather than nobilities and royalties.


PHOTO: Vanvantage

Shakespeare often spoke against the religious and social intolerance of the England society of the time. His work also represent the fact that he was not controlled by the social norms of the time. Born a Baptist, Shakespeare converted in Catholicism. The country was swinging from Protestantism to Catholicism, virtually every couple of years. Shakespeare didn’t care about that and stuck to whatever he felt was right.


Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare / PHOTO: Shakespeare-Online

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