15 Things Donald Trump Hasn’t Said… Yet

One can always rely on Donald Trump to provide some grotesque entertainment. Albeit most of his comments are enjoyable, they are often hurting someone’s feelings – sometimes an entire race. The 69 year old Republican candidate wasn’t taken seriously when he announced he was running for president. But now with Republican nomination secured and an even polls rating with Hillary Clinton, he could very well be the next United States president.


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Donald Trump is a business mogul. He was born on 14th June, 1946 in New York, to Fred and Elizabeth Trump. His father was one of the renowned construction business owner. DNA of business empire-ship set itself up beautifully from Trump. Whether you like him or not, there is no denying that Donald Trump is one of the most successful businessmen the world has seen. He is outspoken, he is arrogant and he is racist…. Err, ruthless, I wanted to say ruthless! Honest!

Coming back to Donald Trump’s quotes and statements, it is safe to say that there is nothing the man can’t say. In view of his personality and the “wisdom” he has spread over the last 30 years or so, we have come up with stuff Donald Trump could say, but hasn’t… yet.

Some say it’s only a matter of time. But we say why wait? – Here are 15 things Donald Trump would say/do in times to come. This is what future looks like.

15. Nelson Mandela’s birth certificate is fake

“A very credible source called me and informed me that Nelson Mandela’s birth certificate is fake. He was not born in South Africa. He is a fake revolutionary. How can South African people Trust a man who is not who he says he is.”


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In 2016, Donald Trump lashed out at late Mandela without any solid evidence. And it wasn’t just one statement. He ran a detailed campaign on Mandela. Reports say he even sent investigators to Mvezo, the birth town of the great South African revolutionary. But soon enough Nelson Mandela’s real birth certificate emerged. Trump refused to comment (or apologize).


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14. I will build a 50 feet wall on all playgrounds

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June last year, he made an amazing promise;

“We will build a great wall around all playgrounds where children do annoying things. I am made walls my entire career, if you want an impossible wall to build, I am your guy, I will build it.”


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Trump says children are annoying and the outside world should not see their tedious activities. When asked how we are going to get the funding for the wall, Donald Trump confidently responded, “Parents of playground going children will pay for the wall”.

PS: When a parent of a playground going child questions Trump, he proposed wall becomes 10 feet taller.


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13. All the women who are not good looking should be registered in a database

Trump’s relationship with women is well-known. He has been controversial to say the least. He once told a reporter that she only has this job because she is good looking, implying that she had no skill or hard work behind her pay. Also just an FYI that Trump actually thinks Angelina Jolie is not beautiful.


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When a reporter jokingly suggested that ‘ugly’ women should have a database, Trump jumped in,

“I would absolutely implement that idea. And not just a database for ugly women, you see there have to be a lot of system. We cannot let ugly women terrorism bring this country down. Women are supposed to be pretty and any woman who is not pretty cannot make a good wife. And such women would not be welcome the Great America.”


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12. I have a great relationship with the yellows

Apparently, it is not just “Blacks” that Trump rocks, he has a great relationship with the people of Asian ethnicity, whom he calls “yellow”. He doesn’t care if it’s politically correct or not. “They look yellow to me”, he explains, “How can that be racist?”


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This is his full statement:

“I have a great relationship with the yellows. I’ve always had a great relationship with the yellow people. But unfortunately, it seems that, you know, that they are very intelligent and technically advanced. You must’ve seen in the movies how cunningly smart when it comes to computers. That is very, very frightening numbers.”


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11. I have sacrificed so much for this country by creating so many jobs, I should be nominated for a Nobel Prize

Responding to parents of a Nobel Prize winner, Trump said he too should be nominated for Nobel Prize. Why? He says he has sacrificed so much for the country by working hard. He said he wanted to be nominated for Nobel Prize. When asked in which category, he said “all of them”.


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“I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard, has any science-man ever done that?”

When asked that building a business empire is not actually sacrifice, Trump responded saying “if I can create thousands of jobs, I can also create thousands of science. And that means I should get Nobel Prize.” The interviewer couldn’t make sense of what he said so he dropped the question and moved on.


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10. My orange skin color is real, peel it off and see for yourselves

It is not just his hair or his fingers Trump is sensitive about. He also seems to think that he is naturally beautiful and his bizarre skin color is not due to cosmetics. He says anyone in doubt can peel it off to make sure.


“Today, I say you, peel off some of the skin from my forehead or hand or wherever you like. Run tests on it and I guarantee you that it is real. My skin, my fingers, my hair, all of my body is beautiful.”

Talking to Suggestive.com, a shady looking skin expert confirmed that Donald Trump skin is natural. He says it happens to people who are “so full of themselves”.


9. Where does all the malaria come from? – Muslims

The Muslims do not only spread terrorism. They also spread Malaria. Donald Trump lashed out at Muslims for bringing Malaria into the country.


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“M for Muslims, M for Malaria. They are bringers of Malaria. And when I am president, they are not coming in.” He blamed Muslims for deadly pandemic of Malaria in United States. When reminded there hasn’t been any in centuries, Trump ignored it. He said we have to fight the deadly disease and win it by throwing Muslims out of the country.

He explained, “It is not about marginalization, it is about health, it is not about religion, it is about health. The situation in our country is medically out of control.”


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8. Let’s face it, all the animals at zoo are chosen for their looks, not their animalistic qualities

Just like Donald Trump likes his women good looking, he also likes animals to look good as well. Addressing a gathering outside New York Central Zoo, Trump looked at an alligator and said, “He is in there because he is good looking. Let’s face it, if it were ugly he would not be here.”



Trump further added, “It is not that I am against ugly animals but the sad truth is everybody cares about good looking animals. If there were an ugly lion that roars, would you take it? – No!”

When asked to define animal beauty, Trump smirked and winked, “Everything that gets me going can be verified as beautiful”… OK.

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7. Actually I was kidding when I said poor people don’t have a terrible smell

During a rally late July, a lot of homeless people had come to listen to Trump. They were conscious that they were not appropriately clean. At first Trump brushed it away, “you know I love poor people, their ragged clothes, the stink of hard work, don’t worry about it, I love it!”


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However 10 minutes into the speech, Donald Trump suddenly snapped, “you know what, you know what I was kidding when I said y’all don’t look awful, you smell terrible.” It is unclear whether the homeless people were thrown out of rally or not.

Trump did something eerily similar to another rally. Below is the video link:

6. All left handed people should wear identity badges

Trump’s controversial call to make all left handed people badges is being compared to Nazi rule in Germany. Trump doesn’t like left handed people and says they are criminals and mentally unstable. He says he knows that people do not appreciate some of his harsh policies, but they will in due time. He said he will not let left-handed people risk the security of this country.


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“We’re going to have to do things that were unthinkable before. Obama gave special leverages to left handers at the cost of security of this great country. That stops now.” Trump said. “Some people are going to be upset about it, but security is going to rule.”


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5. All the Mexicans near US border flirted with me, consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected

Donald Trump says that when he goes to inspect the site of where his great wall is going to be, Mexican men and women often flirt with him from the other side of the border. But according to Trump no one could blame them. He also hinted that he secretly enjoys the interaction.


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“All the Mexicans on the US-Mexico border flirted with me — consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected. For a good looking hero like me, a sexual dynamic is always present between people, unless you are asexual.”

However there is no confirmation or visual documentation of the claim. Suggestive asked a Mexican woman if she, or would she ever flirt with Trump, her response was unclear. She laughed and laughed and walked away laughing, as if she couldn’t stop laughing. Was it a yes or a no, we don’t know for sure.


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4. I will always stand against men wearing bright ties – because I am traditionalist

Bright ties men wear distress Donald Trump greatly. He says bright colors are for women. He confirmed that after coming into power, he will run a nationwide campaign against bright ties. When asked why he sometimes wear bright ties, he said “it’s different for me, I look great in them”.


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“Bright ties are for whoopsies. I have seen men wearing ties similar to the color of Melina’s dresses. I find that quite disgusting. Men wearing the same colors as women. That also mean men are equal to women? – Absurd.”

It is a national security issue, a fashion issue, and a genuine masculine issue.


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3. If Eric wasn’t my son… I’d be dating him

Donald Trump likes to casually joke about incest with his children. But it seems like Ivanka isn’t the only one who bore the embarrassing comments from his father.


Eric Trump, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump & Donald Trump Jr. (PHOTO: Julia Schmalz/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Recently, Donald Trump was asked what if Eric Trump, his son, would pose for the male playboy. Trump’s reply was shocking (well, not really, it is actually not shocking, it is very very Trump):

“I would be disappointed, perhaps not so much. It all depends on how he pulls it off. Eric has a nice body and a great figure for a man. If he weren’t my son, I could very well be dating him.”

Make of that what you will.


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2. I am worth 1024 billion

Donald Trump has sued people for misquoting his wealth. He is very sensitive about his wealth. He has made varied claims about his wealth. Forbes magazine estimated him between $4.5 – 5 billion. However, Trump is adamant that he is worth much more than that. He says he is 1024 billion.


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“I have got businesses and assets worth $5 billion, but the value of “Trump” the name escalates the overall worth of my businesses to 1024 billion.”

Some people thought about questioning Donald Trump about his claim. They said the claim was a little bit exaggerating – well it could be, but just a tad exaggerating.


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1. Sun is a Russian conspiracy to make Americans’ skin darker

It is well known that Trump doesn’t believe in global warming. He says it is a fake concept created by the Chinese to make United States manufacturing non-competitive. If that is true then mission accomplished China because United States manufacturing compared to China is like a bee hovering around elephant.


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Donald Trump argues that global warming is fake because there is no sun. The sun is fake too!

“What does the sun do? The sun makes people’s skin dark. The sun was planted in the early 18th century by the Soviets to make American people non-white. It is a genocide. The sun is just a satellite full of fire hovering around earth“.

Trump added, “Although I am a huge fan of Putin and he is a fan of mine, but if anyone tries to make America non-white again, I will take them down”.


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