15 of the World’s Dumbest Inventions

We’re in the age of technology, motivated and propelled forward by our immense collective curiosity and natural human inclination to improve ourselves. That being said, that doesn’t mean humans are infallible and won’t create something completely idiotic and unnecessary on occasion.

Which means, that also doesn’t stop some people from buying into some of these… odd inventions. Someone’s gotta buy them, right? At the very least, those of us not silly enough to actually purchase one of these inventions, can at least appreciate the inventions for what they truly are — entertaining.

1. The Pet Rock

It wasn’t too long ago that the “Pet Rock” made its debut — tweens everywhere desperately wanted a pet rock of their own. For what reason? None of us spellbound young people knew, but since everyone else had one, we wanted one too.


Various companies wanted in on this craze and started selling rocks to children everywhere, varying kits so that you could dress up or even paint your rocks. It was perhaps the equivalent of selling water to a fish, but no one seemed to mind at the time or even now.



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