15 “Scientifically Impossible” Places on Earth

9. The Hessdalen Valley lights

Residents of Hessdalen Valley, Norway are continually living in a realm of a great scientific mystery. Almost every night lights appear in the sky. They are of bright colors, they dance around, shift shapes, flash unmistakably and disappear – only to appear next day during the night. This has been going on for four decades, at least. Scientists are perplexed by this mystery. There are theories though, but none seems to be good enough.

15-Scientifically Impossible-Places-on-Earth

PHOTO: Wikipedia

One theory suggests that the lake is radioactive. The radon rides dust particles and upon elevations it decays and produces lights. Another theory suggests that the base of the valley is full of Sulfuric Acid. Sulfur reacts to the water and produces what scientists call “sparks”. Hundreds of tests have been performed to pinpoint the exact cause but to no avail.

15-Scientifically Impossible-Places-on-Earth

PHOTO: psychedelicadventure.net

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