15 “Scientifically Impossible” Places on Earth

13. A tree on a tree in Casorzo

While driving around the country side of Piemonte in Italy, you may come across something strange. There is a cherry tree that looks exactly like a …well, cherry tree. Expect for the fact that it is growing on top of a perfectly healthy mulberry tree.

15-Scientifically Impossible-Places-on-Earth

PHOTO: Wikipedia

Sometimes a genetically different planation grows on a tree but normally these things are small are short-lived. But this event dubbed as The Double Tree of Casorzo is something truly unique. There are two fully formed and healthy trees, both are 5-7 meters wide; but one is growing on top of the other.

The most common hypothesis is that a bird or another animal dropped a cherry seed on mulberry tree’s hollow trunk and the phenomenon started.

15-Scientifically Impossible-Places-on-Earth

PHOTO: David Jones/Flickr

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