15 “Scientifically Impossible” Places on Earth

4. Circles of Namibia

There is an ecological mystery sitting throughout Namibian deserts. There are fields of grass with circles carved in them at regular intervals. The circles are almost perfectly created and can range from 10 to 65 feet in diameter (PS, if you are thinking of the movie The Signs, you are not alone). Forget explaining the circles, scientists are not even sure of the more basic questions, such as; why are there circles? Why not any random shape?

15-Scientifically Impossible-Places-on-Earth

PHOTO: Wikipedia

Nothing grows in these circle patches. Scientists have come up with various theories and all have been debunked almost immediately. In 2013, Norbert Juergens an environmental scientists said that termites were the cause of the circles. But in 2015, biologist Walter Tschinkel tested the hypothesis and disproved it.

15-Scientifically Impossible-Places-on-Earth

PHOTO: Noaml/Flickr

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