Top 19 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

#2 Savannah – $22,000-35,000

Unlike the Bengal, the Savannah is hybrid of domestic and African wild cats. The breed is so rare that it wasn’t fully recognized by the International Cat Association until 2012, despite being developed as early as 1987. Before you decide to buy one of these 25-pound predators, check with your local police department – the Savannah is considered a deadly predator in some parts of the U.S.

If you have a small dog or an aquarium, this is definitely not the best cat for your home. Savannahs ARE predators and they’re not afraid of water. As a matter of fact, they like water and can even be taught to swim. They play catch too, though the fake-out throw won’t work on them unless, of course, you have cat-like reflexes.

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