Top 19 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

#13 Peterbald – $700-900

Contrary to common belief, 85% of all “bald” cats aren’t actually hairless. Most Peterbalds have extremely short coats but leave skin unexposed. The thickest of them are similair to fine velvet. Basically, these exotic felines have the skin type of a peach – it’s pink/yellow, seems hairless from afar, and feels thin to the touch. That being said, the Peterbald doesn’t need hair to be a loyal, affectionate, energetic pet.

And, no, Peterbalds aren’t magical house elves. (Though they do look a lot like Dobby from the Harry Potter films.)

#12 Maine Coon – $1,000

Since many still live in the wild, it may be unfair to call the Maine Coons a breed. The unique feral cat was first domesticated by early settlers of (what is now) the Northern states. Maine Coons may seem shaggy in a photo but they’re actually quite intimidating. If it wasn’t for their friendly disposition, the large, nimble hunters would have never been considered for the role of house pets.

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