Top 19 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

#10 Sphynx – $900-1,200

Kicking off the Top 10 is the Sphynx – the most underrated and misunderstood feline of all time. For starters, people don’t think wrinkly skin and baldness are disgusting. Have you ever seen an elderly person that made you cringe? No one goes “ew, gross” when they visit grandma. Okay, so old people don’t walk around naked but they also don’t get neutered.

All the Sphynx wants is a chance to fit in. First it was the big screen debut on Austin Powers, then the whole tattoo phase. Clearly, the cats are spiralling down in the footsteps of Shia Labeouf. We have to cut the Sphynx some slack before he grows a beard, does a bunch of weird TV appearances and just, kind of, disappears…

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