Top 19 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

#15 Siberian – $700

As the name suggests, these feral cats were first brought to the U.S. from not-so-sunny Siberia – Russia’s coldest province. Being one of the most ancient known breeds, the Siberian still remains a subject of debate for historians. Some say they evolved to adapt to a cold climate, while others are convinced their looks are a result of cross-breeding. What we do know is that there’s more to the Siberian cat’s thick, luxurious coat then meets the eye.

The hair structure, layering and length give the Siberian a remarkable tolerance for low temperatures. Their coat nearly eliminates loss of body heat, not unlike a Polar Bear’s fur. With constant sub-zero temperatures, these cats might not even be around today if not for this trait. Not to mention that it made them the world’s softest and silkiest housepets, which is probably why over 12,000,000 kittens were sold in the U.S. last year.

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