Top 19 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

#4 Persian – $4,000

The Persianis king among long-haired breeds. The kittens look like fur-balls with eyes and they grow up to look like larger fur-balls. There are over a dozen different types of Persian cats, but they all have the same trademark “squished” faces and long, fluffy tails. Though our list is based on average prices, it should be noted that white Persian kittens sell for up to $8,000.

‘No One Knows About Persian Cats‘ wasn’t their first debut on the big screen. Snowbell from ‘Stuart Little’ was actually played by four different Persians. Unfortunately, most people only remember the Persian as the master villain in ‘Cats & Dogs’ or the evil/crazy psychedelic Cheshire cat in ‘Alice In Wonderland.’ Everyone’s a critic.

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