18 Old Must-See Mug Shots

3. Ruby Fox & Myrtle Hetrick

Years before Thelma & Louise, Ruby Fox and Myrtle Hetrick were out to seek a glorious getaway. These two women took to the road to get out of a bad situation. They were probably not driving a cool convertible, though.

Nebraska State Historical Society

These two gals got into some serious trouble in the early 1900s. Both were already incarcerated. Fox (pictured above) was in for breaking and entering, and Hetrick (pictured below) for vagrancy. They were serving their time at the State Reformatory for Women in Nebraska. After getting sick of the treatment, they escaped with the help of a unknown man. Once they were caught, they refused to go back to the same prison. In an act for better civil liberties, they requested to serve their one-year escape sentence in another facility. They were granted the request.

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