15 Amazing Women You Should Follow On Social Media

9. The Bikerni

Time to add some diversity to our list. The Bikerni is not just one woman; it is a congregation of women. Bikerni is an Indian based all-female motorcycle association – the country’s first and only. Once the group only had 11 bikers, now it has more than a thousand members. They have journeyed through the Himalayas on motorcycles, raising awareness about women empowerment. One can talk and talk, deliver one lecture after another but nothing compels you more than actually seeing a women empowering activity.

Urvashi Patole

PHOTO: Urvashi Patole, founder of The Bikerni/ Source: MIHAELA NOROC

The Bikerni was initiated by Urvahsi Patole in 2011. In just over five years, it has achieved global recognition. Her aim was simple: to encourage women to ride motorcycles and be self-sufficient. This may not seem like a big deal to you but culturally speaking, in India it is a HUGE deal!

PHOTO: enfieldriders

PHOTO: enfieldriders

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