15 Amazing Women You Should Follow On Social Media

6. Kalki Subramaniam

Arguably the most courageous woman on our list is Kalki Subramaniam. She is the founder of Sahodari Foundation – an organization that promotes and highlights the rights of transgender people in India. Why is this such a big deal? You may never fully understand if you haven’t lived in the conservative side of Indian society. Transgender and intersex people don’t have any rank in society in India (and most of the South East Asia).


PHOTO: her.yourstory

PHOTO: her.yourstory

As a transgender person, she was regularly bullied and ridiculed. But that actually worked in her favor; while it would’ve decimated other people, it made Kalki stronger. Apart from being a prominent transgender rights activist, Kalki is also an actress, writer and entrepreneur


PHOTO: Facebook.com

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