15 Amazing Women You Should Follow On Social Media

1. Balqis Al-Rashed

If there ever was a culture defying lady, it would be Balqis Alrashed. Hailing for the super conservative Saudi Arabia, Alrashed struck prominence when she started posted her hula hooping videos. The most interesting part is, she created her videos clad in burka – the traditional Arabic dress that covers the body entirely.

PHOTO: Balqis-Alrashed

PHOTO: Balqis-Alrashed

Here, you can enjoy the short video clip. Even though it is only 16 seconds long, it is beautiful.

In a recent interview to a website, Alrashed described her inspiring feelings:

I have developed a love for the circle. The lessons behind the hoop are beyond physical. I found in it the healing power of joy and self-expression. The biggest lesson of all is to: flow. Flow?

Flow – move with no resistance, with complete freedom. The hoop became a tool of meditation and soulful articulation. It always connected me to the natural flow and movement of my soul.

In this circle, it is safe to flow and to be, just because. In that space, I am free – free of resistance, free of pain, free of fears. This is where peace resides. This is where joy springs. This is where the child in me is free to safely and joyfully play. Breaking all false boundaries. Breaking free of contradictions, delusions, and resistance to become all that I am, all that I ever was.  

~ Balqis Al Rashed (via The Culturist)

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