20 Top-Rated Apps to Keep Your Wallet Fat

10. Viggle

This one is perfect for all you TV addicts out there.

With Viggle, you can earn Perk Points by letting the app “listen in” when you’re watching your favorite shows or listening to popular music. Points can be redeemed for gift cards at businesses like Amazon and Starbucks.

You can also earn points by playing games like real-time trivia. Points can be multiplied up to 15 times by “checking in” on “featured” programing. Points can also be used to enter sweepstakes for prizes like tablets and headphones. You can also use the app to donate to more than 1,000 charities including Wounded Warrior Project and the American Cancer Society.

This app is best for the committed couch potato though. You must earn one Perk point every 30 days to maintain your balance.




11. Sky Scanner

This app travels the Web to bring you the best deals on flights, hotel bookings and car rentals. Once you make a decision, Sky Scanner directs you to the airline website or travel agent to finalize the order without charging you any service fees. Time magazine recently ranked it among its Top Five Money-Saving Travel Apps.

Along with Momondo and Google Flights, Sky Scanner ranked among the top three best sites to find bargain airfares in a comprehensive study by travel site Frommer’s.



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