20 Top-Rated Apps to Keep Your Wallet Fat

16. Swork It

Stop giving your wallet a workout at the gym and keep it fat instead.

Swork It provides you with free workout videos focusing on stretching, aerobics, yoga and strengthening. Each video lasts five to 60 minutes and requires no equipment. Every course is instructed by a certified personal trainer, and you can create custom workouts.

According to a recent study by researchers at the University of Florida, SworkIt was the only tested fitness app to meet the American College of Sports Medicine’s guidelines for physical activity. It has been praised by multiple publications from Army Times to Gizmodo and Mashable.


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17. Onavo Protect

Don’t gamble with your data.

Apps like Onavo compress your data usage to steer you away from overage charges. Onavo can notify you when an app is using too much data. It can also limit certain apps to WiFi and block apps from using data in the background.

Onavo uses VPN technology to monitor your phone’s data usage and protect your personal information.



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