Four Healing Crystals for Meditation and Motivation

Crystals can not only add color and shine to your home, but they can also provide amazing healing qualities when paired with regular meditation. These four crystals have been used for thousands of years for their healing, energizing, and detoxifying properties, that help to boost your mood, help you get to sleep, or even neutralize negativity. Just be sure to buy them from a reliable source.

Photo: Science-based Medicine

Clear Quartz for Healing

This colorless stone, known as the master healer, is associated with your seventh chakra, which is the crown of your head. It can offer high-healing qualities all on its own, but if you put clear quartz with any of your other stones, it will amplify the energy of that stone.

Carnelian for Emotional Clutter

Self-cleansing and good for emotional balancing, it’s highly encouraged for people currently experiencing emotional situations or difficult problems to carry a carnelian on them. Fierce and fiery, the red-orange rock is also believed to boost confidence, creativity, and self-expression.

Amethyst for Self-Growth

This lovely lavender colored rock can has been known to enhance intuition, silence anxiety, and even help with sleep. Amethyst is also used in meditation to aid in opening up the crown and third eye chakra, which is our connection to the spiritual realm.

Green Calcite for Transformation

These emerald-colored gems are supposed to help promote balance, change, and personal growth. It is also really great for stress relief, depression, anxiety, and calming down the energy.

Blue Kyanite for Better Communication

Blue kyanite is a natural energy cleanser that also can help you find your voice. If you’re feeling a lack of confidence lately and need some help speaking up for yourself, this crystal is it. It’s no wonder how it’s so helpful, Blue Kyanite is associated with the throat chakra.

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