How To Eat Healthier Without Even Noticing

Eating healthy is the biggest challenge we face; specially with the emergence, in fact revolution of fast food chains. What we eat is critical for our health. Almost everyone I know strives to eat healthy but it is a daunting task. Mostly because the concept of eating healthy is largely misunderstood – it is more about the habit rather than the content. You can “healthily” eat almost anything.

Champion your slow cooker for healthy options, not just heavy rich ones.

You think meaty chili, ribs and more chunky meats when it comes to slow cookers. Let loose on the hefty meals by trying some lighter options like slow cooked lean meats. Ditch the creams in soups for a broth or lentil base starter. Swap out meat items for vegetables and legumes. Make lettuce wraps out of pulled pork/chicken instead of slopping it between buns.

PHOTO: bettycrocker

PHOTO: bettycrocker

Follow an Instagram account for everyday meal planning.

Meal Prep on Fleek catalogues photos from users which will give you an array of easy and healthy ideas for appetizers and main courses whether it’s dinner to the table in 20 minutes or make-ahead meals.

PHOTO: foodnetworkasia

PHOTO: foodnetworkasia

Accentuate the healthier side of fruits in healthy desserts

Use fresh fruits for an automatically refreshing finish to your meal. Or try a baked fruit recipe. Opt for recipes where the fruits are the highlight so they wouldn’t need calorie-ladled ingredients to make them delicious. Do treat yourself to a small helping of brown sugar and butter sauce or a small dollop of cream to make the sweet course just that bit more indulgent.

Make a food log

Consider jotting down your eating habits. It can be up to you how frequently you want to log in your comestibles; make that anything from couple of times a week to couple of times a month or more regularly for a little period of time. This is only to bring to light your eating habits and eating patterns. This can be after all quite an intriguing scheme! You might be more prone to snacking throughout the day if you didn’t have a good breakfast; you might eat more when you sleep less; you might be cheating more than you thought; you might be eating much lesser than you calculated.

PHOTO: bettycrocker

PHOTO: bettycrocker

There’s a great spread of online food journals out there which would be an easy kick start to channel this idea.

Looking for quick brekkie that sings health?

Go grain-free on muffins by using bananas to back up the bulk and a blender to create the batter. Refrigerate by storing these in an airtight container over 5 days. Heat, eat and head out! Easy peasy, healthy squeezy!

Spike up today’s breakfast by last night’s leftovers

Use meat and/or vegetables from dinner along with eggs for a filling frittata or with potatoes for a delicious hash.

Watch the drinks!

No need to go utterly sober on yourself if you can’t keep away the pints and bubbles, but try to make it a point to keep an eye on the calories. It can be quite a turning point!

It is worth mentioning here that the smallest size of Coke’s can contains 90 calories. That is a nightmare if you are looking to stay in shape. Alternatively you should look into soda water! Literally no calories, no sugar, and just as satisfying as any other carbonated drink.

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