Muscle and Brains: 15 Smartest NBA Players

7. Tim Duncan

If there were a list of top 10 NBA players, Tim Duncan would certainly make it any day. Widely regarded as one of the all-time greats of the game, Duncan has impressive career numbers. All through his entire career he averaged 11 rpg and 19.5 ppg. He is 15 times All-star, 5 times NBA champion, 2 times Most Valuable Player (MVP) and 3 times Finals MVP.


PHOTO: Wikipedia

Duncan has attributed his basketball prowess to his education. He advises young boys to focus on their education while playing sports. He completed his degree from Wake Forest College and spent full four years there. Even after his retirement, Duncan continues to dominate polls such as “best leader in NBA” and “highest IQ in NBA”.


PHOTO: Keith Allison | Flickr

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