21 Betrayals That Changed the Course of History

7. Aldrich Ames

Aldrich Ames is considered to be a true villain because he is believed to have compromised hundreds of CIA agents. Ames was a CIA analyst who decided to jump ships and become a soviet spy instead.


Aldrich Ames’ House | PHOTO: Flickr/howderfamily.com

In April 1985, Ames told the Soviets that he had become a trusted member of the CIA and nothing stands between him and a series of documents the Soviets wanted. Soviets paid him an upfront fee of $50,000. Ultimately Ames received $4.6 million from the Soviets over the course of a decade. His betrayal caused many CIA operatives in Russia to be killed or captured.


This (replacement) mailbox is identical to the one, and in the same location that convicted spy Aldrich Ames used to signal his Russian counterparts. Ames would place a horizontal chalk mark about 3″ long above the USPS logo to let his Russian handlers know he needed a meeting. (PHOTO: Wikipedia)

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