17 Greatest Rescue Missions in History

14. Rescue of George F. Brennan, Air-Force Cross Dresser

In 1945, the U.S. played a major role in pushing the Nazis out of Holland. The Air Force used giant cargo planes to get gliders in range of the enemy. George Brennan volunteered to be among the first to touch ground on occupied territory.

Before his glider was even released, the cargo plane carrying it was hit by German anti-air cannons. As if being shot in the shoulder, arm and ass wasn’t bad enough, an armored truck exploded nearby, showering Brennan with shrapnel and propelling his aircraft outside. He managed to land the damaged glider but not without breaking a couple ribs and fracturing his skull. To sum it up, George had a pretty bad flight.


Luckily, Dutch resistance troops found the immobilized pilot and carried him to a nearby hospital. However, two days later, the Nazis stormed that hospital and Brennan’s injuries were just starting to heal. Military training didn’t prepare him for this but American sitcoms sure did.

Naturally, the injured pilot stuffed a pillow under his shirt, put on a skirt and told the Germans he was a pregnant woman in his most high-pitched voice. Really. His act held up for over a week, until Allied forces took back the hospital.


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