15 Hobbies That Can Earn You Some Good Money

2. Private Travel Consultant

The funny irony about people with plenty of money for traveling is that they don’t have the time to whip up the perfect vacation – and that’s where you enter. Make all those hours of reading travel and food blogs work for you by being a private travel consultant to the rich and busy. Imagine mapping out your dream vacation, only somebody else gets to go – but with enough money earned, someday you will, too.


3. Online English Tutor

Imagine using your ability to speak and write English to earn an average of $25/hour. Team that up with a computer, a headset with microphone, a stable Internet connection, and the patience to teach non-English speakers, and you’re good to go. People are willing to pay higher rates to tutors with an ESL certification but those who are on a budget don’t mind non-certified tutors.

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

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