Three Things You Need to Do to Have a Good Camping Trip

Summertime is here and that means it’s time to pack up all your gear, grab your pals, leash up your pooch and head to the campsite. But we’re not all experienced campers and might need some advice from time to time. Check out these three things to do to ensure you have a safe and comfortable camping trip. 

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Lock up Your Snacks (and Trash)

Or, at the very least, tie your trash up off the ground and lock your cooler. Many people forget that you’re in the wild, which means any critter that can smell your goods, will wander onto your campsite to find them. No matter where you’re camping, it’s wise to put your snacks and trash in a secure location so that you don’t have wild animals sneaking around your campsite after dark. This means thoroughly cleaning up all your mealtime detritus and crumbs, securing all of your food, garbage, toothpaste, and anything remotely edible either in your car, in your camper, or in a bear locker before you go to bed. 

Get a Good Night’s Rest

When it comes to sleeping in a tent, there are two ways to completely ruin your night sleep. (1) pitching your tent anywhere on the lot and (2) not bringing a sleeping pad or air mattress. But really, these two things are wildly easy to avoid. Once you get to the campsite, scout out the flattest possible spot clear of bumps, slopes, or debris. That’s where you need to pitch your tent. Once the tent is up, ensure you rest well by having a sleeping pad or air mattress. Camping doesn’t have to be a toughing-it contest. Get some comfy cushioning to ensure a solid stretch of zzzzzz’s.

Bring Proper Lighting and Prepare to Build a Fire

As a newbie camper, you may think that all you need is the light of the fire and your iPhone flashlight to get you through the evening, but that is so not true. To really get by out in the wilderness, be sure to bring proper lighting as well as the proper tools you’ll need to start a fire. Start with headlamps, string lighting, and a couple of lanterns. This will give you enough light to use lighter fluid, a proper fire starter, some coals, and some firewood to get the fire going. Don’t expect the fire to light immediately, it’s a delicate process that requires the proper tools. So don’t forget them! 

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