Six Quick and Easy Recipes Worth Sharing This Summer

Photo: Weekend Collective

1. Shredded Chicken Tacos

This recipe is perfect for you out there that love Chipolte, but know it’s time to start cooking at home. Use this delicious recipe and make your very own burrito bowl at home. This recipe is perfect as tacos, over rice, or even over a bed of lettace. Add all the toppings and mix ins you want to make this recipe your own. Plus, you’ll have enough for the entire family or leftovers. Meal prep, complete ✓

Photo: Skinny MS

2. Six-ingredient Orange Chicken

This orange chicken recipe delivers mouthwateringly juicy flavor without a frightening calorie count. Tender cubes of chicken are cooked until lightly golden, and coated in a tasty mixture of bbq sauce, freshly squezed orange juice, and soy sauce. With 100% clean ingredients and a protein-packed profile, this awesome recipe puts takeout dishes to shame!

Photo: Gimmedelicious

3. Fifteen Minute Healthy Roasted Chicken

Okay, you’ve hit the boiling point. It’s 7pm on a weeknight, you just got home, and you DO NOT want to cook a thing. Here is your savior! This recipe is so easy and so much better than calling take out. Pop these healthy veggies and chicken in the oven and I’m positive they will be ready faster than your takeout will arrive. Plus, they are 1000x healthier and tastier. Serve these veggies with a side of rice, quinoa, or bread.

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