Six Quick and Easy Recipes Worth Sharing This Summer

Photo: Spend with Pennies

4. Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups

Sometimes healthy eating means allowing ourselves to eat sweet treats in moderation. What better way to snack on some sweets than with these mini wanna-be apple pies? They take mere moments to prep and not very long at all in the oven. Warm crispy cinnamon sugar rolls with a sweet apple pie filling will become a family favorite. Top them with ice cream and caramel for a perfect weeknight treat. While this recipe calls for apple pie filling, you can easily fill them with whatever you’d like! Time to bust out the cream cheese & sugar or better yet, cherry pie filling.

Photo: Big Rigs ‘n’ Lil Cookies

5. Revolutionary Mac & Cheese

Please the kiddos and yourself by skipping the box and making this declious homemade mac & cheese. With real fresh shredded cheddar cheese, this quick recipe is one that is sure to please the whole family. Pick whatever noodles you’d like for this homemade take on a Kraft favorite.

Photo: Dinner with Julie

6. Honey Banana Muffins

Time and time again, I find myself buying bananas. Time and time again I find myself forgetting to eat those bananas and having a freezer full of brown bananas. Have you ever had a banavalanche? A mass of frozen bananas unloading from your freezer each time you open the door? That’s your sign it’s time to bake something. Toss a few whole (solid) bananas in a bowl of warm water to thaw, then squeeze them out one end (like milking a cow) until their super soft innards slither out into the mixing bowl.

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