Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Challenges iPhone’s ‘Best Smartphone’ Title

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Experts are saying that Samsung’s newest Galaxy S model is likely responsible for weakening Apple’s grip on the smartphone market. Of course, a combination of several other factors may have resulted in the iPhone’s first decline in sales growth. Still, the fact is – the 6s is definitely not the undisputed leader in smartphone technology. In fact, a close look reveals that the Galaxy S6 is ahead of Apple’s latest gadget in almost every metric.

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6s


Many people loved the signature look and feel of Apple’s smartphones so much, they wouldn’t even consider switching to an Android. But, when Apple gave the 6 and 6+ a full makeover, that became irrelevant. With it’s large screen and curved edges, the 6s looks more like the Galaxy S5 then the iPhone 5s.

Force of habit aside, the iPhone 6s design is clearly inferior. Compared to the Galaxy S6, it has a smaller display, yet it weights more and is thicker.


Samsung gave the S6 version a glass back cover, while Apple kept their smartphone safe with Series 7000 aluminum. The thing is, the Galaxy S6 Edge, which isn’t more expensive then an iPhone 6s, features a base made from the same aluminum alloy. Plus, the glass back-plate gives the Samsung a totally unique look.


Even the most loyal iPhone enthusiasts can’t deny the superiority of Samsung’s new displays. The larger screen is nice but it’s not the size that matters. The Galaxy S has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (577 pixels per square inch). For someone used to iPhone’s 1334 x 750 resolution(326 ppsi), looking at any old photo on the S6 is guaranteed to provide the “woah” factor.


It should be noted that Apple’s 3D Touch technology could become just the unique advantage the tech giant needs to restore it’s status as front-runner in the smartphone market. But, for now, 3d Touch is practically useless – it’s only compatible with a few standard programs, and major apps, such as Twitter or Facebook.


The 6s and the S6 cameras share the same specs, though each one provides a few advantages when it comes to taking pictures. iOS 9 introduced Live Photos, an option to capture 1.5 seconds before and after you snap a picture. Besides being perfect for making gifs, it also ensures your shot isn’t ruined last-second (it’s ok if someone blinks .

On the other hand, Samsung’s slow-motion video camera is almost twice as effective as Apple’s. Most importantly, the Galaxy S6 camera captures more detail, especially in low lighting.

A picture’s worth a thousand words – the difference is plain and clear. One was taken with an iPhone 6s (left) and the other (right) by a Galaxy S6.

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Battery Life

Both smartphones disappoint when it comes to power consumption – neither can handle a full day of moderate use. The difference is, Samsung is already taking steps to fix that issue. Android Marshmallow, which only runs on the latest Galaxy S models (for now), decreases power consumption by approximately 11%.

The new OS is also packed with small but important basic feature updates and a “smoother” interface.

Why People Still Choose The iPhone 6s

Back in 2007, Apple’s first iPhone model became known as the original smartphone, labeling its successors as cheap knock-offs. Even though a number of other tech manufacturers were already working on their own mobile-gadget designs, public opinion named them Apple’s imitators.

To this day, most Americans prefer the iPhone over Samsung’s Galaxy S are either driven by habit, or believe the misconception about Apple’s superiority. However, if Samsung consistently stays one step ahead, they can completely turn public opinion around by the end of 2016.

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