Leaks and Speculation about the New iPhone

New Features (cont’d)

This move away from the home button is yet another in a series of risk Apple is taking with the iPhone 8. From the possibility of Touch ID being replaced to switching to OLED at the expense of production delays, the iPhone 8 is a risky move that comes at a hefty price. Luckily more familiar iPhones, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, are being introduced at the same time at a significantly lower price point.

We also know that Apple plans to enlarge the power button. We’re a little unsure as to why, but we think it has something to do with the lack of the Home button. What also remains uncertain is how Apple will redesign iOS 11 to accommodate the ‘cutout’ at the top of the display which exists to accommodate the front facing camera and sensors.

Price Point

So it’s no surprise that Apple’s 10 year anniversary phone, the iPhone 8 boasts a high price tag. It has been confirmed that the iPhone 8 pricing will start at $999. This is a $350 price increase from the previous entry level model.  With multiple storage tiers available as always the most expensive iPhone 8 could come in at over $1,200! That’s more than some people paid for their first car, or maybe even more than a months rent. The good news is that most carriers allow you to spread the costs over a two year carrier contract.

The new price point is about facing the facts. As we know, the latest Macs and Macbook Pros are going for a significantly higher price than the older models. It only makes sense that the iPhone 8 rings in with such a hefty price tag. How Apple customers react to that will define Apple’s product strategy in the years going forward.

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