How Working Remotely Is Changing The Workspace

Fixing the Problems with Telecommuting, Employee Solutions

For Employees, there are many ways to fix problems they may have staying focused while telecommuting.

  • Create a routine and stick with it. Organize your day as if you were working outside your home. Establish a consistent wake-up time. Organize your morning with a workout, walk with your dog, cup of coffee, etc. just as you would if you were making a morning commute.
  • Schedule a lunch break and take regular breaks. (Actual breaks- not stepping away from your desk to do other chores around the house!) These go a long way toward keeping you focused and productive.
  • Establish your “work hours” ahead of time and communicate them to your team and managers. Make it clear when you will and will not answer phone calls and emails- and make no (or only a few) exceptions!
  • Avoid isolation. Incorporate video conferencing and Instant Messaging with your co-workers regularly. Schedule weekly or monthly office time when possible. Work in other locations outside your home, such as coffee shops and hourly work spaces.

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